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Your life as a parent may feel like a laundry list of tasks—feeding, wiping, cleaning, —with periodic breaks to grab a fistful of snack crackers and wipe the spit-up off your shirt. So how about some fun?

Our children’s music classes are playful, rich, and engaging. Music Together® helps children of all ages—babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and big kids—discover their inner music-maker by playing with the grownups they love. Our kids’ music and movement classes also support overall early childhood development.

Music Together is the perfect family activity in Oregon City, Aurora, and Sherwood. 

Sing, dance, and jam with us this summer! Check out the calendar and get the newsletter to keep up with all our fun music activities. 



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Join us for a summer of fun music activities. We will sing, dance, jam, and make new friends all summer long. 

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