Hear what people are saying

Music Together® has been very educational. My son has really shown a lot of interest in the music, specifically at home and in the car.  I have found my (musical) ability has increased as well!

Dad from Wilsonville

We've had so much fun this semester! Even my husband, who isn't able to attend the classes, is now in on the singing action at home. It's been a great bonding experience for the whole family. 

Mom from Wilsonville

The child-parent interaction and music exposure is great. I see it as an important way to advance my daughter's musical competency, and it's fun!

Dad from Tigard

A random conversation with a 6-year old student at Northwest Children's Theater and School  

Child: Is that a Music Together book? 

Me: Yes! It's the "Bongos" book. Do you know about Music Together?

Child: I used to take classes with Betsy. 

Me: I know Betsy. She's a wonderful teacher! How long ago did you take classes? 

Child: When I was little, but I don't take them anymore. Now I'm in a choir!