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SUMMER 2020 PRICING: Music Together® Online

*No sibling fees but please register all children. Classes are recorded in case you miss one and need a makeup. 


Mixed-Age Classes (ages 0-5, with parent or caregiver)

First child: $132 (8-class session)

Rhythm Kids Classes (ages 4-7, with parent or caregiver)

First child: $132 (8-class session)


PRICING: In-Person Classes (to resume TBA / Fall or Winter 2020) 

Your tuition includes weekly classes with unlimited makeups during current session, professional recordings to take home, a beautiful songbook, digital access through our free Hello Everybody app, and our Valley Music Minute podcast, and a family guide to understanding music development in children.


Mixed-Age Classes (ages 0-5, with parent or caregiver)

First child: $175 (10-week session)
1st Sibling: $115; Additional Siblings: FREE
Sibling <9 months: FREE!

*** This price structure is the same for 10-week sessions of Music Together con Espanol and Generations. 

Babies Classes (ages birth-8 months, with parent or caregiver)

First child: $145 (8-week session)
Siblings (under 9 mo): $0

Rhythm Kids Classes (ages 4-7, with parent or caregiver)

First child: $175 (10-week session)
Sibling: $115


Holiday Pop Up Classes (ages 0-7, with parent or caregiver) 

First child 0-7y: $20 (each class) 
Sibling 9m+: $0 (each class) 

Sibling -9m: free with registered sibling


Gift Certificates are available for class tuition! Perfect for any celebration: baby showers, birthdays, Mother’s and Father’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc. Please purchase one in our store. 



Tuition costs for your child's music education will vary by number of children you register, length of season, type of class, and location of class. Tuition fees are due per child enrolled each season (Fall,  Winter, Spring, Summer.) The first registered Sibling over 9 months will receive a discount, and siblings under 9 months* are welcome to attend free with a registered child in the same immediate family. Please remember to register all children who will attend. There is no tuition fee for Moms, Dads, Guardians, Grandparents, Nannies, favorite Aunts, or other adult caregivers who attend classes with the child(ren). 



A service fee is (and has been since September 1, 2013) collected from each enrolled family for each song collection session and paid to Music Together LLC. Willamette Valley Music Together LLC is licensed by Music Together LLC. 



  • weekly classes led by an early childhood music specialist 
  • a CD and download code for the season Song Collection
  • an illustrated Songbook of music activities for  use outside of class 
  • access to online educational content and activities 
  • streaming apps to enjoy the music across multiple devices
  • invitations to special events and other activities within the Willamette Valley Music Together community 
  • Ongoing mentorship and professional development opportunities for your Music Together specialist(s) 
  • Ongoing research, advocation, and development of best practices for early childhood music education by Music Together Worldwide 



Willamette Valley Music Together is thrilled to return to our beautiful classroom at the art center where we enjoy a unique partnership with the City of Sherwood. Some changes to be aware of when you register for a class at SCA: 

  • The supply fee is collected separately. Please bring $60.00 (new families) or $45.00 (returning families) with you to your first class meeting, payable to Willamette Valley Music Together. 
  • Registration information, photography waivers, and your child's tuition will be collected through the City of Sherwood Registration System
  • Non-residents of Sherwood will be charged a higher tuition fee set by the City of Sherwood. 
  • Some scholarship funds are available through Friends of the Sherwood Center for the Arts. Become a Friend to help keep arts education and experiences affordable for all families. 



Families who are new to Willamette Valley Music Together will pay a one-time, non-refundable Registration Fee of $15 when they sign up for their first semester. Returning families do not pay this fee. 



Infants under 9 months old (by class start date) are free in the same Mixed-Age class with a registered sibling. However, we do need to know the infant will attend, so please register your baby. How do you know when you're ready to start bringing baby to class? As soon as the adult care provider is ready, we are happy to receive you and your new little music maker! 

Frequently Asked Questions & Policies

 What should I expect at the first class? 

  • Classes run approximately 45 minutes. Teacher will strive to start and end class on time. 
  • Seating is on the floor. Wearing of clean socks is expected. 
  • Please eat before or after class. Put away phones, cameras, snacks, and toys before singing "Hello Song."
  • Adult participation is essential to the Mixed Ages class. Child participation is encouraged, but never demanded. Adult attendance at Rhythm Kids classes is optional but encouraged. 
  • Expect to play, sing, dance, and share. 
  • Try to arrive early - especially if the venue is new to your child. 

What are Make-up Classes?

Make-up Classes are now offered through the online registration system. Enrolled Families, schedule your known absence(s) when you schedule your makeup(s). Reservations for additional make-up classes are subject to availability. Use the "Schedule a Makeup" tab on the website to find an open class. 

To avoid over-filling the classes, families need to schedule a make up online before attending; if the class you wish to attend does not appear in the scheduler, the make up spaces have been taken.  If you will be bringing two children, schedule a make up for each child as all children over 9 months of age need to be scheduled individually.  Need to miss or cancel your make up?  Simply return to the make up scheduler and choose "cancel" (to credit the make up space back to the class and to your family for future use).

What are Drop-in Classes?

Drop-in Classes are now offered through the online registration system, and are subject to availability. Use the "Schedule a Drop-in" tab on the website to find an open class. Families who are not enrolled may schedule up to 2 drop-in visits during the current session. Enrolled Families enjoy unlimited drop-in and make-up classes during the current session. 

To avoid over-filling the classes, families need to schedule a drop-in online in advance; if the class you wish to attend does not appear in the scheduler, the drop-in spaces have been taken.  If you will be bringing two children, schedule a drop-in for each child as all children over 9 months of age need to be scheduled individually.  Need to reschedule your drop-in?  Simply return to the drop-in scheduler and choose "cancel" (to credit the space back to the class and to your family for future use). Drop-in fees are non-refundable and subject to change. 

May I bring Siblings and Other Guests to class?

Parents, grandparents, and adult caregivers are welcome to attend class at any time—no need to ask. Whole family music-making at home is extremely valuable to your child's music development, and attending class occasionally helps family members feel more comfortable joining in. If you would like to bring another guest (including an older sibling who may be home from school), please contact the Director. Visitation spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis and cannot be guaranteed.

What is the Health Policy?

The health of all classroom participants is important to us, so we take measures to ensure the cleanliness of our classroom and limit exposure to germs. We take time to sanitize our classroom space, instruments, and materials after each class with a child-safe cleaning solution. If you or your child is sick, please stay home from class and schedule a make-up. 

• We strongly encourage hand washing and the use of antiseptic wipes in class. If another family member at home is sick with something very contagious (flu, pink eye), we ask that the whole family stay home until the incubation period is over.

• We request that diapers be changed outside of the classroom’s crawling space and ask families to keep tempting snacks/drinks out of view and reach from other


• We request that parents with children who are in a finger/thumb sucking stage, place any instruments used in our clean-up bag to be sanitized. 

When are classes cancelled? 

Holiday closures will be announced at the beginning of each semester. Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather, teacher illness, and for other extraordinary circumstances. You will be notified by email and/or phone/text if your class in cancelled. The class cancellation may also be posted on our website and Facebook page. Cancelled classes will be made up at the end of the session, subject to venue availability and other factors. If a cancelled class cannot be rescheduled a tuition credit will be issued.

Opt-in to receive SMS Text Messages. This will only be used for reminders or last-minute notifications of class cancellations in the event of teacher illness or other emergency.

Refunds and Credits

We offer the following refund policy(ies). The class description and the registration process will identify the specific refund policy for the class you have chosen.

Are Music Together Refunds or Credits available?

Full payment is due at the time of registration. You will receive a full tuition refund less the non-refundable new family registration fee if you request to drop out of class before the first day of class. Payment plan and scholarship requests are considered on an individual basis. 

No tuition refunds are given for class withdrawals after the first class. After your first class, pro-rated credits may be issued upon review of individual circumstances. Priority Deposits for returning families are non-refundable. 

We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen. However, please note that non-attendance does not constitute a withdrawal from class. We are not able to offer tuition refunds unless we are informed of your intent to withdraw prior to the registration deadline.

**The director reserves the right to change class times, combine classes, or cancel a class at any time. Reasons include, but are not limited to, low class enrollment, general consensus of families to change time/day, family emergencies, etc. If this occurs, you will be notified as soon as possible.** 

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  • We use the information we collect from families enrolling in a Music Together class to keep you informed about your class, how you can support your child's music development at home, and to provide information about upcoming semesters.
  • If you sign in as a visitor to our website, we ask for your contact information so we can send you announcements about upcoming semesters, as well as other educational information.
  • The Music Together program includes a quarterly e-newsletter from Music Together LLC. This newsletter contains educational articles and resources and is sent to families who are or have recently been enrolled in the program. As the licensor of the trademarked program, Music Together LLC periodically communicates with current or former students for quality control and/or for research purposes.
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Registering for class online is a completely safe experience!

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