Babies love it when you sing to them. The power of the lullaby is something every new parent simply must explore and embrace. A song, whether it’s jaunty and playful or a soothing sweet lullaby, will get you and your baby through some rough times.

Many parents believe they can’t sing or that it doesn’t sound good outside of the shower, but your baby is delighted by the sound of your voice. In fact, your baby is entrained to your unique voice so much that she can pick it out of a crowd. After all, she has been listening to it – and other sounds - since well before she was born. Her survival instinct relies on knowing the voice of her primary caregivers and protectors.

When she hears you singing, her brain releases “feel good” chemicals that stimulate the pleasure center. And guess what? Your brain releases the same endorphins giving you a boost too.

So the next time your baby is fussy, sing a song that you love. A lullaby can by any song that you sing from your heart, even if it's not traditionally known as a lullaby. One of my favorite melodies is "Greensleeves," and my son didn't care whether I sang the original words or the holiday version "What Child is This?" He loved it so much, and I often sang it to him without any words, simply singing the tune using a nonsense sound like "La la." (This is a helpful trick if you don't know all the words to a song.) 

No matter which songs you  choose to sing, your baby will find comfort and delight in the sound of your voice!


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