Sing, Dance, and Play ~It's the best job in the world!
Do you have strong musical skills and enjoy working part time with children and families? Music Together® has local teacher trainings. See the full Teacher Training details. Also, please email Willamette Valley Music Together director Wendy Reznicsek with your interest. You never know ~ you could be the next person to join our staff!

Music Together teachers are passionate about music and the development of children. We create a fun, informal, social setting that spurs engagement and supports each child's musical development.

Music Together® teachers must participate in a three day intensive training process and be determined to be adequately skilled in order to teach in a licensed Music Together® program. Once a teacher has passed training and is employed as a Music Together teacher, there are frequent opportunities for continued training and education around music and young children. 

photo Wendy

Wendy Reznicsek, Director & Certified Teacher

Wendy has been committed to performance arts and artists throughout her professional life. She started singing along with her parents as a toddler and began performing in public at the age of five. She sang and studied music throughout her school years and into college and adult life, enjoying varied experiences including the Spokane Symphony Chorale and Encore Vocal Women's Ensemble in Tigard. Her love of singing simultaneously led her to the theater where she enjoyed studies in acting, lighting design, and more. She is a Certified Music Together Teacher and holds a BS in Theater Arts from Portland State University. If you're curious about that proud family name, it's pronounced "rez-in-check" and hails from Hungary.